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Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

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We keep trying different ways to raise money and nothing seems to produce the results we want.

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Sometimes the most popular fundraising methods are time-consuming and often they don’t produce lifelong donor relationships. Fundraising focused on individuals, based on creating authentic relationships, is the most effective way to create lifelong donors. I can show you how to cultivate donor relationships for long-term stability and growth.

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Our fundraising program is stuck. We’re not growing revenue to keep pace with our expanding programs. 

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It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day. I can help you forge a new path so you can raise more money, create efficient systems, and enjoy better operations.

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My board/Executive Director shudders when we talk about fundraising.​

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Often board members and Executive Directors are recruited without fundraising experience. I empower Executive Directors and board members to embrace fundraising and participate within their comfort zones. I demystify fundraising through engaging and fun training customized for your organization. My specialty is helping you build a thriving culture of philanthropy.

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I am a patient, persistent, and experienced fundraiser and coach. My forte is working with nonprofits that are either ready to launch a fundraising program or are stuck and ready to take their work to the next level. Generally, I work with clients for six months to two years. After assessing your organization’s fundraising activities and creating a plan, I will teach you how to work the plan, replacing old patterns with effective and actionable strategies. 


My process helps you clear away obstacles to fundraising by moving your organization through three phases:



We begin by learning about each other through an intensive assessment process. This process ends with my recommendations on how to strengthen your nonprofit and fundraising program. Based on the assessment and recommendations, we create a development plan and/or a plan for your board’s growth based on your organization’s capacity and unique needs.



In the practice phase, I help you work the plan. We will implement your new fundraising plan while I teach the Executive Director and the board how to become fundraisers and support your current development staff. Your board and staff will begin to work together on raising money in ways they never have before, nurturing your culture of philanthropy. 



In the thrive phase, you start seeing results! Your nonprofit starts running more smoothly, your board is more engaged and excited, your Executive Director is more effective, and, most importantly, you have more money to implement your mission!

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How I Work
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The Tool Box

Here is a sample of my services:

  • Development department and fundraising assessments

  • Board assessments and governance training

  • Development plans

  • Board and staff fundraising training

  • Coaching and leadership development for new executive directors, board members, and development staff

  • Capital campaign feasibility studies and counsel

  • Planned Giving campaigns

  • Facilitation services and retreats

I work with a team of professionals with proven track records of helping nonprofits thrive. They offer the following services that complement my offerings.


These services include*:


  • Graphic and website design

  • Grant writing and foundation research

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Interim Executive and Development Director services

  • Donor database hygiene and training

  • Video production

  • Evaluation

  • Writing for communications and appeals



*I do not take commissions for referrals

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For three decades I have helped nonprofits overcome challenges, grow, and thrive. I have worked with a wide variety of organizations. From all-volunteer startups to well-established, multi-million-dollar nonprofits, I have helped social service, arts, environmental, education, healthcare, and sports organizations create fundraising goals, meet and exceed them! 


Aspiring to teach high school history, I earned a Masters in Teaching in the late ’80s. Like many in the field, I accidentally became a fundraiser. After several development director positions, my last one lasting seven years, I started Philanthropy Studio in 2012. Philanthropy Studio combines my love of teaching and my passion for fundraising.


I am a member of Willamette Valley Development Officers and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  I was a founding instructor for the Willamtte Valley Development Officers Certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising and taught in the program for 8 years. I now volunteer as a coordinator for the program. I am often a guest presenter for the Nonprofit Institue at the University of San Diego and other organziations.


I have served on several boards over the years including the Thomas Center for Therapeutic Horseback Riding, the Portland Gay Men's Chorus and Portland Homeless Family Solutions. I am presently on the board of Willamette Valley Development Officers and serve on Portland Homeless Family Solutions Advocacy Committee.


Sally Dadmun Bixby

Philanthropy Studio, LLC 

Fundraising, Nonprofit Management, Leadership Development

Sally sitting in her garden in a green lawn chair

When I am not strategizing and dreaming with my clients you can find me playing with my grandkids (we love to ride horses, paddle board and do art projects), digging in my garden, on a walk with a friend, building strength and patience through yoga, or boarding a plane with my husband of over thirty years to visit family in California or someplace that requires a passport. I also like to curl up with my cats and read.


I call both Portland and San Diego home.


What They're Saying
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Sally started off by listening to what our board and staff had to say about our existing fundraising approach, and didn't try to force a cookie-cutter solution upon our organization. She helped us write a development plan that made sense for us, and allowed us to grow. As Development Director, I feel that she empowered me to foster a culture of philanthropy in the organization that led us to stronger relationships with our donors, and ultimately better results from our

campaigns and fundraising efforts.


Michelle Solley

Development Director  

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We hired Sally to lead us in a fundraising planning process at a time when our organization was in flux. She was always professional, sensitive to our needs, and extremely well-organized. As we went through organizational changes and our needs changed, Sally was quickly able and willing to adapt to the changing circumstances. She was a mentor, advocate and organizer for us. I especially appreciated the clarity of her communications. It enabled us to share our thoughts in new and meaningful ways.


Carol Levine

Founder and Board Member of Returning Veterans Project

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Portland Homeless Family Solutions worked with Philanthropy Studio from 2012-2015 to build our fundraising infrastructure, capacity and create a solid annual fundraising plan. Sally was a devoted and committed partner; she attended our board meetings for two years and met one-on-one with me weekly  for individual coaching. Because of the fundraising infrastructure that Sally helped us develop, we went from bringing in about $125,000 a year from fundraising and donor income to bringing in over $1.2 million annually. I enjoyed working with Sally because she is a fundraising expert, a stellar communicator, and a supportive thought partner.


Brandi Tuck

Executive Director

Portland Homeless Family Solutions

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Our organization is now developing a culture of philanthropy since working with Sally.  The board and staff are participating together in a new way and are not scared of fundraising like they used to be.

I am learning how to be a fundraising Executive Director with Sally’s support.  As an organization we are more confident about hiring a development person because of our work with Sally.


Jason Skipton

Executive Director

Growing Gardens.

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